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Yo I don’t know why but, for some reason I’m like the focus of my parent’s expectations! I’m the middle child yet my parents like to focus on my situation, and it’s not like I whine to them about it everyday or actually mention it to them. Both my parents decide to take up on themselves to question “What sort of classes are you taking?”, “Where do you plan to go with them?”, “Why aren’t you taking more generic classes?” all the while I’m still new to school, told them what I plan to do while exploring my options, and that I’m taking classes geared towards my major and not some random class that just fills up my schedule and gives me stress! Honestly I never realized how much I wanted to leave home till they started questioning me! I feel like they’ve ignored the problems my siblings have and went straight to me! My older sibling just graduated and still works at Starbucks and my younger sibling just started high school, but noooooooo I have to be the focus because I’m a girl who already has planned her goals and is attempting to take the steps necessary to moving on. However, every time my parents “talk” to me I feel less encouraged to take action and I get more and more angry with them. They suggested I study abroad which does solve my desire to move out, yet it isn’t what I want. A new country is too big a step for me! Another city or state is fine, but another country and a new language is daunting! And it’s somewhere I didn’t have the best of memories in the first place! It angers me how they even got other (more distant) members of my family involved to get me to move away! Can’t I ever just have a discussion with my parents and not have it spread through the entire family! “Oh, see there! Her, that’s the daughter we need to get to leave. The new problem child.” I want to talk to my parents and not have to feed my problems to the rumor mill, I’d like them to not have to tie everything to my religion that at this point makes me want to regret my beliefs. NOT EVERYTHING I DO MUST BE JUDGED IF IT IS PIOUS OR NOT! And not in the way of drugs and sex, but things like choosing classes. The other day I had to protect the class I take from my dad’s judgement because “vampire” was in the title. It’s not a class on just blood suckers and how to be one! It’s a class on literature and culture, stories based on those who were the scapegoats of history, the people who lived outside the norm of the time. I hate my father’s biased judgement and I wished for some respect in my choices. They may not be ideal to them, but it’s what I am comfortable with and I greatly wish to enjoy someday. It’s bad enough that I gave up my dream future and chose to take a steady career to make them happy. Though its more stable, its not my passion, and it feels like luggage more than anything else.


Magnificent Trees Around the World

It’s like some magnificent forest I wanna live in! WELCOME TO THE WOODLAND REALM!


The last episode



Why that little fucker

Hyrule Warriors Enemies iPhone 5 Wallpaper Backgrounds requested by ia-ia-cthulhu-fhtagn

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some kick-ass waterbending!



Why she bussing it wide open for the ocean though?

Pop that pussy for Poseidon


Ember Island moments by *viria13


The White Lotus vs. The Red Lotus

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